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Trak'N Go is a powerful but easy to learn system! GPS Tracking, reporting and alert systems and more

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking using GPS

Our live map lets you know exactly where your vehicles are, whenever you need, without the hassle of calling the driver to ask. You can shortlist and track multiple vehicles at once, all in real-time. All your tracking data is securely uploaded to the cloud using cellular data allowing you to access all the information you could need, 24 hours a day. No more wondering where your car is at any given time, just login to Trak'N Go and see for yourself.

Monitor Multiple Fleet Vehicles At The Same Time Pinpoint Your Vehicles Exact Location On map

GSM Tracking Fall Back For Low Signal Areas

GPS is an amazing technology, but can be prone to signal loss when your vehicle is sheltered. Unlike other Satellite only services, we offer GSM Tower tracking too so you can get an accurate estimate of your vehicles positioning even when there's no GPS signal.

Track Your Car's Position Using GPS Coordinates

Trak'N Go GPS signals update at 30 second intervals. This is to maximise battery and data usage.

Temperature Monitoring & Alerts

Our tracker unit offers remote monitoring and reports of temperature too. Ideal for companies that require mandatory temperature monitoring in their refrigerated vehicles.

We store and save your temperature data so you can generate reports and view your complete temperature history across multiple trackers.

Temperature Monitoring also works with our Alert system, so you can receive instant notification the moment any of your monitored vehicles falls above your designated temperature.

Perfect For Companies That Rely On refrigerated Vehicles Remotely Monitor And Track Your Temperature Data

Receive Instant Alerts Based On Your Vehicles Status

We'll let you know when anything important happens to one of your vehicles through our Alerts system. You'll receive an email the moment an alert is triggered, so you can follow up as needed.

Alerts cover a range of subjects and conditions, including when a vehicle goes over a set speed or when the engine revs excessively. You can even use it to keep track of which vehicles are due for a service.

Our alert system is completely configurable so you can spend less time worrying about your vehicles. Trak'N Go lets you adjust when you receive a notification as well as how the alerts are triggered. You can even switch them off entirely if you wish.

Vehicle alert examples are for illustrative purpose only.

  • Vehicle 2242 Is Speeding

  • Vehicle 2219 Is Due For A Service

  • Vehicle 1379 Is Due For A Service

  • Vehicle 9241 Is Revving Excessively

Easily Enable Or Disable Your Vehicle As Required

Our tracker allows you to take control of your fleet, quite literally! Send commands to your vehicles allowing them to immobilise or mobilise as required.

You can even remotely access the door locks to control access to the vehicle, giving you complete control over who has access to the vehicle and when ensuring the safety and protection of your assets.

Track Your Car's Position Using GPS Coordinates

For safety reasons, complete immobilisation of a vehicle will only take into effect once the ignition is off.

Unlimited Geofence Regions

Define and draw a visual perimeter using geofencing technology to aid you in monitoring a specific vehicle or problem area. We allow an unlimited amount of geofence regions on your account, so you can assign your vehicle to specific areas and receive alerts the moment the vehicle leaves your defined region.

Often used for ensuring vehicle protection or ensuring your fleet drivers are staying within their designated region, geofencing makes managing your vehicles as easy as drawing on a map.

Map Geofencing Allows You To Set Regions For Your Fleet, Working Alongside Alerts & More

Custom Tracker Reports Give You All The Data You Need

Trak'N Go is more than just a static map position showing where your vehicle is. It's a complete solution that can be used to monitor and report on an array of vehicle data, so you can use this information to improve the efficiency of your business.

Using our reporting system you can have a complete overview of your an entire fleet for any period of time. Vital data such as travel time, mileage, ignition status, temperatures, movements and more are available in just a few simple clicks. Use this data to track, monitor and improve your business based on accurate, up-to date information!

Custom Tracker Reports Allows You To Set A Date Range Or Timeframe And See Whatever Data You Need Regarding Your Vehicles.
View An Invidivdual Vehicle's Travel History During Any Give Timeframe

See Your Vehicle's Journey Visually

Integration with Google Maps give you the power to visualise every start, stop and travel position of your vehicle - no more second guessing which area at what time your vehicle was driving. You can use a variety of different viewing modes too, including:

  • Satellite
  • Street View
  • Terrain View
  • Hybrid

Easy To Use Software No Matter What Device

We know that you don't want to be overburdened with confusing software when tracking your important assets. That's why we built our vehicle and fleet management software to be simple to use, while still retaining power and flexibility.

You can track your fleet from any device that has access to a web browser using our Progressive Web App, so you can monitor your tracker whether you're on the go or in the office. Setting up alerts and viewing reports is an absolute breeze, and our friendly support team is always on hand if you need some help.

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You Can Track Your Car, Bike, Caravan, Truck Or Any Vehicle Using The Trak'N Go Mobile Web App
Our GPS Tracking Unit Works With cars, trucks, motorcyles, and even caravans and trailers

Trak'N Go Works With Almost Any Vehicle

Our GPS Trackers are suitable for almost any kind of vehicle, from tracking cars and bikes, to monitoring heavy machinery and trucks. Our tracking system is even suitable for trailers and caravans! Not sure if Trak'N Go is the right choice for you? Check out our Use Case & Benefits page or get in touch to talk to one of our friendly team members.

Usage Cases For Trak'N Go

Australia's Best Network & Coverage

Using Telstra's leading mobile network, we offer live tracking right across Australia! We give you superior coverage and reliable data access in rural and remote areas. And if the tracker is unable to find a data connection, it's smart enough to store the locations locally for uploading once the tracker reconnects.

Learn About Telstra's Network

Getting Started Is Easy


Choose A Plan

Speak to one of our representatives to help you pick which option is best for you.


Install GPS Tracker

Arrange to install your GPS tracker, or have one of our certified electricians install it.


Activate & Go

Create a Trak'N Go account, activate your tracker, and you're ready to get started!

Andrew, Adelaide
Our business has been looking for a fleet tracking system that works with us, rather than us have to fit our business around the fleet tracking system. After stumbling across ViperTrak we figured we'd give them a shot since the price was competitive and the initial outlay was quite low. I've found the vehicle tracking works great, and the software offers heaps of features packed full of valuable information to help us run our business. We have since rolled the Vipertrak solution out to all out fleet vehicles and we could not be happier. Best of all we like the constant update of new features and the customer service and support has gone up and beyond anything we have had from other providers. I have already recommened the Vipertrak system to 3 other companies we deal with. Well done and thanks.
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