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Case Uses For Trak'N Go GPS Tracking System

Take a look below at just some of the benefits our existing customers have gained from installing one of our GPS Tracking units

Use GPS Tracking & Fleet Software To Secure Heavy Machinery
  • Remote Immobilise
  • Alert When Vehicle Leaves Area
  • Activity Alert
  • GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking For Heavy Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Industry: Construction, Building & Mining

Increase productivity, safety and security by integrating Trak'N Go's tracking system into your work flow. Not only is your machinery a costly investment, it's an integral part of your business. Having even a single Excavator or bulldozer stolen can reduce your income and decrease productivity. Not to mention the headache caused from having to deal with police reports, insurance companies and more.

You can protect your assets using real-time tracking via satellites, prevent unauthorised access to your machinery with our remote immobilisation tools, increase efficiency through monitoring your machinery's travel paths and much more.

GPS Tracking is also gaining use in the agriculture industry, particular for Farmers looking to protect their farm assets and machinery from theft. Australian farmers know all too well how losing an important piece of machinery for even a single day can be devestating to their financial well-being.

Remotely Track Your Valuable Assets Including Caravans And Trailers
  • GPS Tracking
  • Journey History
  • Activity Alert

Track Caravans, Trailers & Other Towable Vehicles

Industry: Personal, Tourism, Tradesmen

Non-powered vehicles such as car trailers, camper trailers and caravans can be equipped with a Trak'N Go GPS tracker as well, offering monitoring and protection for your personal assets. Towable assets can be monitored using the towing vehicles power coupling to power the GPS tracker, giving you the same benefits of having it connected directly to your vehicle!

Trak'N Go is ideal for single, personal investments and offer you peace-of-mind knowing that in the event of theft your vehicle, you have a much higher chance of securing your vehicle along with any important belongings that may still be inside.

Monitor Temperatures Of Refrigerated Trucks With Trak'N Go Tracking Unit
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Temperature History & Reports
  • GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Alerts

Temperature Monitoring For Refrigerated Transport & Containers

Industry: hospitality, Retail, Small Business

Trak'N Go is ideal for any situation that also requires remote temperature monitoring and reporting. Our trackers come with an accurate temperature sensor out of the box, with the ability to remotely transmit temperatures directly to you. This makes Trak'N Go ideal for any industry that demands the ability to remotely monitor temperatures, such as fresh produce or frozen goods.

Aside from live temperature monitoring, our reporting system will track temperature history and store it in the cloud for easy access and viewing. See exactly what the temperature recording was at any given time, on any given day. You can also match this data with 2271's other telemetric data such as GPS locations, ignition status and more.

Secure Your Personal Assets Such As Motorcycles And Cars
  • Remote Immobilise
  • Alert When Vehicle Leaves Area
  • GPS Tracking

Motorbikes, Private Vehicles And Other Important Assets

Industry: Personal, Tourism, Clubs

Our GPS Tracking unit is a great way of keeping your personal investment secure, and in the case of theft, increasing your chance of recovery. Some purchases have more than just monetary value - there's nothing quite as disheartening as having your pride and joy stolen from you.

Many of our customers have had success in recovering stolen assets by using the data collected in Trak'N Go to locate the criminal and collaborated with Police to successfully recover the stolen vehicle.

The versatility of our trackers means you're able to install and use Trak'N Go on almost any vehicle type, such as a sports car, motorbike or caravan

Track And Improve Driver efficiencyFor Small To Large Fleets
  • Vehicle History
  • Alert When Vehicle Leaves Area
  • Servicing Alerts
  • Speed History
  • GPS Tracking

Commercial Fleets And Company Vehicles

Industry: Small Business, Mobile Business, Courier And Transport, Trades

Small to medium businesses that rely and operate through vehicles can hugely benefit from Trak'N Go's robust reporting and tracking system. Using a combination of live vehicle tracking and data collection, you'll be able to improve the routing efficiency , employee productivity and better respond to emergency callouts.

Trak'N Go can also help prevent reduce the impact of theft and remove some of the headaches around recovering stolen property. Your data can directly contribute as evidence towards stolen work vehicles, reducing downtime for your business and any lost revenue that might come with it.

Track And Improve Driver efficiencyFor Small To Large Fleets
  • Vehicle History
  • Remote Immobilise
  • Alert When Vehicle Leaves Area
  • GPS Tracking

Coaches and Buses

Industry: Small Business, Tourism

Use Trak'N Go to directly monitor data vehicle routes, distance travelled and fuel usage. Having easy access to this data allows you to make better operational decisions regarding efficiencyand effectiveness. You can also use it to monitor drivers and ensure they're on schedule and where they may have been delayed, giving you complete insight without having to communicate directly with your driver.

You can also protect your assets using real-time tracking via satellites, prevent unauthorised access with our remote immobilisation tools, receive alerts when your vehicle leaves a designated area, and more.

Use Trak'N Go To Monitor, Report And Manage Your Fleet Of Vehicles With GPS Technology

Perfect For Managing Fleet Vehicles

Easily manage and assess the performance of your drivers so you can make informed decisions on your fleets day-to-day operation. When combined with our live GPS monitoring and alert systems, Trak'N Go becomes a very powerful and versatile tool for managing your entire fleet.

Trak'N Go's Vehicle Tracking Can Offer Peace Of Mind With It's Live Tracking

Peace Of Mind For Your Loved Ones

Another common scenario is parents using a tracker for safety and peace of mind when their children are starting to drive. You'll never have to worry again, as Trak'N Go lets you know exactly where your loved ones are at any given time.

Stolen Car Recovered Thanks To Trak'N Go's GPS Tracking System

Secure & Recover Stolen Vehicles

Use Trak'N Go to track and recover any stolen vehicles fitted with our GPS Tracking Unit. Use our mapping software to pinpoint the exact location and provide evidence against criminals to ensure the safety and recovery of your car.

Here's Just A Few Reasons To Use Trak'N Go's GPS Tracking System

Security For Your Assets

Protect your assets from theft by increasing the security as well as greatly increasing the chance of your vehicles recovery if stolen.

Reduce Your Insurance Cost

Most insurance companies will offer a reduced monthly cost on any vehicle fitted with a GPS Tracking device.

Improve Fuel Usage

Visualise your fleets travel to help improve the efficiency of routes and ensure there's no overlap between vehicles, reducing your overall running costs.

Increase Productivity

Monitor and report on your drivers routing and travel time and use this data to increase your business productivity.

Local, Friendly Support

Our friendly staff are based in Adelaide and are available for contact to help you through any technical questions or other enquiries you might have.

Replacement Guarantee

All of our GPS tracking units come with a 3 year Australian replacement warranty.

No Lock-in Contracts

We offer no lock-in contracts, so you can see for yourself firsthand the benefits of GPS Vehicle tracking.

Supporting Australian Business

Trak'N Go as an Australian owned and operated family business. Our system was designed and developed here in Australia as well!

Trak'N Go Provides You & Your Vehicles Additional Security, Safety, And Peace Of Mind

Over 50,000 Vehicles Are Stolen Yearly

In 2018 there were 53,564 reported Vehicle thefts in Australia. That's a 146 vehicles stolen on average, every day!

The total estimated value of profit motivated plant and equipment thefts in 2017/18 was $23 million, while heavy truck thefts were worth a further $12 million.

Vehicle Theft Is Still Rampant

On average, vehicle theft is up 6% over 2014. Newer vehicles are not immune to theft either, with approximately 18% of Vehicles stolen in 2018 were under 5 years old.


1 In 5 Stolen Cars Are Never Recovered

Installing a GPS Tracker can increase your chance of success considerably when recovering a stolen vehicle. Motorcycles also account for 16% of stolen vehicles, despite only accounting for 5% of total registrations.

All data is from

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About Our GPS Unit

Our GPS Tracker is a capable device that runs on any Australian 3G network. Installation is easy, and we provide wiring diagrams and instructions for self-installation. We also offer installation services in select places. We also offer a replacement gurantee on all units installed by our certified installers.

Trak'N Go GPS Devices Come With A Replacement Guarantee So You Can Be Certain Your Trackers Are Functioning Perfectly Trak'N Go Promises A Replacement Guarantee On All GPS Tracking Units Sold With A Service And Installed By A Certified Trak'N Go Installer A Trak'N Go GPS Tracking Unit for your car, truck, trailer, bike, or heavy machinery!