Trak'N Go GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Lets You Manage Your Fleet On Desktop And Mobile Devices

Trak'N Go - Australian GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Trak'N Go is a platform giving you the power and flexibility to track, monitor and manage a single vehicle - or an entire fleet - in real time using GPS technology.

Cloud Based Vehicle Tracking Software Screens, Including Maps, Vehicle Reports, Fleet Alerts & Travel History

Track Your Fleet At Your Fingertips

Trak'N Go uses a cloud-based vehicle tracking system developed in Australia that lets you access your trackers from any web browser. No software to install or apps to download. We give you a range of tools and reports to help you track, manage, modify and protect your mobile assets.

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Australia Wide GPS Coverage For Monitoring Your Vehicles

Australia Wide GPS Tracking

Our trackers utilise a combination of GPS Satellite tracking while using GSM Tower triangulation as a fall back to give you accurate tracking no matter where your vehicle is. Our GPS trackers use Telstra's 3g network by default for great national data coverage and feature on-board memory to store data when in a dead-zone.

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Local, Friendly Support

Security For Your Assets

Reduce Your Insurance Cost

Replacement Guarantee

No Lock-in Contracts

Supporting Australian Business

Car Sends Out Live Alerts Based On Travel Speed & GPS Position

Complete GPS Tracking Solution

Our vehicle trackers give you live location and status alerts, service warnings and more. Get up to date reports on your entire fleets travel history, ignition status and other useful data. Use our cloud-based system to remotely manage your and monitor your assets from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day using accurate GPS technology.

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A Van With A GPS Tracker Installed Can Be Monitored From Your Mobile Device

Affordable Vehicle Tracking For Everyone

Trak'N Go is an all-in-one GPS tracking solution that gives you the tools and flexibility to track and manage your vehicles with ease. It doesn't matter if it's a single car or motorcycle, or an entire fleet trucks. Since we're an Australian company we offer full local support, with a replacement guarantee on all our GPS trackers. Best of all, there's no lock-in contracts or commitments!

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ViperTrack GPS Tracking Unit Increaseds Your Stolen Vehicle Recovery Rate

Protect Your Assets & Income

Trak'N Go theft is a huge problem in Australia, with the value of stolen Passenger & Light Commercial vehicles estimated at over $500 million each year, many of which are never recovered. GPS Tracking greatly increases your chance of recovery. Trak'N Go can reduce your vehicle's downtime, protect your income, and minimise time wasted dealing with police reports as well as all the stress that goes with it. You can't put a price on peace of mind.

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Andrew, Adelaide
Our business has been looking for a fleet tracking system that works with us, rather than us have to fit our business around the fleet tracking system. After stumbling across ViperTrak we figured we'd give them a shot since the price was competitive and the initial outlay was quite low. I've found the vehicle tracking works great, and the software offers heaps of features packed full of valuable information to help us run our business. We have since rolled the Vipertrak solution out to all out fleet vehicles and we could not be happier. Best of all we like the constant update of new features and the customer service and support has gone up and beyond anything we have had from other providers. I have already recommened the Vipertrak system to 3 other companies we deal with. Well done and thanks.
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Case Uses For Trak'N Go GPS Tracking Service

Remote Immobilisation Of Heavy Machines Using GPS & 3G Data

Secure Heavy Machinery

  • Remotely Mobilise & Immobilise vehicles
  • Alert When Vehicle Leaves Marked Area
  • Real-time Position Tracking via GPS
Remote Monitoring Of Refridgerated Vehicle Using A GPS Device & 3G Data

Refridgerated Trucks

  • Monitor & Report on Temperatures
  • View Vehicle Ignition History
  • Check Stationary & Offline Vehicles
Track A Single Car Or An Entire Fleet Of Vehicles With Trak'N Go GPS Tracking System

Track Fleet Vehicles

  • Distance Based Servicing Alerts
  • Real Time Speeding Alerts
  • Vehicle Journey Reports

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About Our GPS Unit

Our GPS Tracker is a capable device that runs on any Australian 3G network. Installation is easy, and we provide wiring diagrams and instructions for self-installation. We also offer installation services in select places. We also offer a replacement guarantee on all units installed by our certified installers.

Trak'N Go GPS Devices Come With A Replacement Guarantee So You Can Be Certain Your Trackers Are Functioning Perfectly Trak'N Go Promises A Replacement Guarantee On All GPS Tracking Units Sold With A Service And Installed By A Certified Trak'N Go Installer A Trak'N Go GPS Tracking Unit for your car, truck, trailer, bike, or heavy machinery!

Trak'N Go In Action

Keen to see more? Get a brief overview of some of Trak'N Go's vehicle tracking features on our YouTube channel, or by watching our short introduction video.